Funky coworking by day
Chill restaurant by night
Working space hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 - 16:30

Not just a restaurant, we're a growing community of cool folks who want to connect

Remote workers... we welcome you!

We value space, which is why we welcome our remote community to work from our restaurant during the day. Not only is it the coolest coworking spot, but also the most affordable.
Very high speed Wifi
A lot of charging plugs
Competitive prices!

Coolest restaurant at night

Our restaurant opens from 18:30pm to midnight. Our delicious meals will make you want to come back.
Local producers only (from Portugal)
Organic ingredients
Menu updated every 3 months

Feel the vibes

The cheapest coworking space in Lisbon – and the coolest restaurant. Just come and try it out!